Life & Health Insurance in Beavercreek, OH

Our life and health insurance experts, Randy Gifford and Carrie Gifford, have been working in the field for more than 30 combined years. Randy and Carrie know the terrain and they will find the perfect policy solution for your unique situation.

Life and Health Insurance options include:

  • Term Life Insurance: Plan involves lower premiums for higher coverage; coverage for only a “term” or period of your life and does not contain equity (cannot be used as cash value).
  • Whole Life Insurance: Plan is permanent and protects you for your entire life; it builds equity and carries cash value; involves higher premiums but can be more valuable in the long run.
  • Term and Whole Life Combined: This path allows you to build a lifelong base of coverage and supplement specific periods of your life with term insurance.
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance: Insurance plans for those who qualify for Medicare, including Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, and Part D Prescription Drug Plans.
  • Group Health Insurance: Employer-sponsored health coverage for groups of two ore more employees.
  • Short Term Health Insurance: Health coverage to fill the gap for people who missed Open Enrollment, or those in a period of transition such as changing jobs, graduating college, or waiting for other coverage to begin.
  • International Travel Medical Insurance: If you travel outside of the country, this plan is a necessity. Your domestic healthcare policy does not travel with you. Make sure you are covered when you’re away from home.

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