Make This Year Even Better Than Last Year

We have been encouraging insurance buyers and agents, over the past few years, to seek out new ways of looking at the insurance buying process. We have found that things are changing for the better in regards to the agent buyer relationship. We invite you to be part of the change that can impact our […]

Communication Is key to Any Relationship

We live in the greatest age of communication. Today there are more ways to connect with each other than any other time in history.  For example, we have access to personal cell phones, email, web pages, videos, social media, traditional mail and more. So why don’t you and your independent insurance agent communicate more often? […]

Insurance Is Not the Only Answer

My insurance agent friend John and I had another conversation about how agents can, and need to differentiate themselves from other agents.  Last month we talked about how John uncovered an uninsured exposure and how John’s advice helped his client recover about $450,000. John holds to the belief that the agents job should be to […]

How an Agent Can Go From a Vendor to a Trusted Advisor

My goal in these articles is to create a dialogue among agents and insurance buyers about the differences between being a vendor and becoming a trusted advisor.  This concept starts with how insurance is viewed.  Insurance cannot be viewed as a product, but rather a relationship.  Insurance buyers need to understand that the insurance relationship […]

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