We do things differently.

If you want to click your mouse a few times, select an insurance policy and forget about it, Reichley is not the answer. But if you want a team of experts who will handle your account as if it is their own: keep reading.

At Reichley, we put people before policies. There is not anything unique about the policies we offer, but we use them in unique ways. Our job is to take the complexity and uncertainty out of your insurance program and make sure you have the right policy to fit your budget.

Have you ever talked to an insurance agent who wasn’t trying to sell you something?

Large insurance providers will place you on hold or put you in touch with a computer. Reichley does things differently. You will receive personal attention – the team will even come to you. After you describe your personal situation, you will be presented with a custom-tailored insurance solution.

We stay involved every step of the way – from writing your first policy, reviewing your changing needs, updating and educating as the industry changes, managing costs and coverage options, and being there when you need to present a claim on your policy. You will get help with the biggest – or smallest – parts of your life. At Reichley, every account matters.

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Your possessions may be more valuable than you realize. Most homeowners policies offer limited coverage for personal articles such as jewelry, cameras, golf equipment, fine art and collectibles, and computer equipment. We can provide the additional protection you need with a comprehensive valuable items insurance policy. ...