Simple Ways To Deliver “WOW” Customer Service

We have been on a journey over the past few months to discover how insurance agents and buyers need to re-think how insurance is purchased.  We believe that relationships are an important part of the insurance process.  Agents have relationships with insurance companies and with their clients.  The agent’s objective should be to deliver “wow” customer service and provide a high level of expertise in insurance and risk management.

There are a few simple things that agents can do right now that will change the culture of your agency and help your team deliver outstanding customer service. Here are four things you can do today that will get you on the path of delivering “wow” customer service and also develop deeper relationships with your clients.

  1. Be willing to collaborate with your clients. Customers do not want to be “sold”; they want to work with you to achieve mutual goals.  Make your customers part of their own success by getting them involved in the process.
  2. Listen to your customers.  Be prepared to ask questions; then shut up and listen.  It is not about you; it is about the customer.
  3. Help customers avoid pitfalls.  Operating a business comes with risks. Outline these pitfalls to your customers, and show them how to minimize their risk.  It may or may not include insurance.
  4. Customers want to feel cared for.  When a customer calls do they get a voice recording? Do you return calls the same day?  Do requests get processed quickly? All these daily activities will tell the customers how you feel about them. These kinds of activities can build trust, or tear down trust between the client and agent.

Now go make a difference!