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Top Cyber Risks For 2022

The disruption generated by the COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated digital transformation among businesses and organizations worldwide in the last three years, a trend that experts believe in continuing in 2022. Cyberattacks affect everyone.  Here are cybersecurity dangers that firms should be prepared to manage in 2022, according to experts:

Supply chain attacks

According to experts, supply chain cyberattacks will continue to create new chances for cybercriminals this year.

Mobile devices

The COVID-19 epidemic also resulted in an increase in mobile device usage. Not only do remote users rely more heavily on mobile devices, but pandemic experts have also advocated for the widespread adoption of mobile wallets and touchless payment technology to reduce the spread of germs. Cybercriminals have a broader target when there is a more extensive user base.

Remote workers

A firewall, staff awareness, and tight policies and training, among other things, can be used to prevent basic cybersecurity risks within an organization’s setup. When people work remotely, however, putting in place cybersecurity precautions becomes more complicated. Sixty-eight percent of senior IT professionals believe their staff has picked up negative cyber-security behaviors when working from home.

Cloud Vulnerabilities

One could believe that the cloud will grow more secure as time passes, but this is not the case: Cloud vulnerabilities have increased by 159 percent in the last five years, according to IBM. Over 90% of the 29,000 breaches reviewed in Verizon’s DBIR were caused by web app breaches, according to the report.

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