What a Customer Centered Renewal Looks Like


Our agency is founded and run on the philosophy that client’s needs come first and foremost. We know you hear that a lot, so we wanted to tell you how we carry out our philosophy day to day. This article is the continuation of our series on how to think differently about insurance.

Previously, we have encouraged you to think differently about the insurance buying process. In this article we wanted to give you an idea of what a customer centered insurance renewal looks like. A Customer Centered Agency considers the customer in everything it does; from product and service development to the entire customer experience.  A Customer Centered Agency also speaks to its customers in English, not insurance talk, and makes it easy for customers to do business with the agency.

Customer Centered Insurance Renewal

  • Reichley Insurance will contact you prior to renewal to review any changes in your risk and to determine your individual needs.
  • Part of the process will include explaining coverage, terms, and any questions you may have.
  • We discuss with you your budget and exposures.
  • Our team will take the time to explain to you your options and suggest a plan.
  • We will market your program with the leading insurers, and then deliver to you the best options based on our conversation.
  • Your program will be finalized and delivered to you as promised.

These are Reichley Insurance Agency’s highest priorities.  Achieving these priorities enables both collective and individual success, and thus fulfills our mission.