Insurance Mistakes

There are a number of common mistakes some businesses make when it comes to purchasing commercial insurance. Insurance is the product you buy in case the unexpected happens. Unfortunately, by the time you need it, it’s too late to make sure you have the right type and amount of insurance coverage. Make sure you don’t make the following mistakes while buying insurance.

Mistake One

Having two agents is better because they keep each other competitive.

Having two agents duplicates effort and can create coverage gaps. For example, there are certain coverage’s that can be included under a liability policy and auto policy. One agent is better able to manage your entire insurance program.

Mistake Two

The lower the premium, the better.

Premiums are determined by a combination of exposures and coverage. If you get a lower premium you may be missing needed coverage. For example, does the lower premium include replacement cost coverage on buildings and equipment?


Buying from a national company is always better.

Don’t listen to the entertaining advertising on TV. Most national agents only represent one insurance company. They can’t shop your account to determine the best combination of price and coverage.


The internet is a great place to get good insurance deals.

Low cost internet insurance usually allows you to select the coverage and limits you want. But in most cases you end up with a limited and inadequate program. You find this out after you have an uninsured claim.


Umbrella insurance is only high net worth companies or individuals.

A small electrical contractor was at fault for the total loss of a historic property, a loss that exceeded his general liability policy. The contractor’s umbrella paid the loss in excess of $7,000,000. Umbrella or excess coverage is some of the least costly insurance you can buy. Don’t risk a loss for a little expense.


I don’t need employement liability insurance; I only have five employees, and they are like family.

This is the fastest-growing area of litigation for small businesses. The average claim cost in 2022 was $95,000.


Not knowing what is in your policy.

Consumers’ biggest mistake is not knowing what’s in the fine print of their policies. Take time to read the policy. Ask your agent to meet with you at least annually to review your coverage.


Flood insurance is only for businesses in high-risk areas.

Big mistake; we recommend you ask for a flood quote to at least review the cost-benefit of the coverage.


There isn’t anything I can do to manage my insurance costs except shop price.

There are many things you can do to reduce your premiums; here are a few:

  • Consider increasing your deductibles.
  • Consider the vehicle model when making a purchase; some are more expensive to insure.
  • Add smoke and security alarms.

While the massive national agencies spend millions on television ads and offer barebones policies, they do not know you. When your needs change or your situation complicates, you don’t want an automated phone tree or cold cyber-agent. You want to talk to compassionate, honest insurance experts, close to home, right here in Beavercreek, OH – that’s our team. You shouldn’t have to spend hours researching and comparing policies. Let the specialists at Reichley guide you through the complex insurance industry.

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