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Agents And Insurance Buyers Can Always Learn Something New

It seems that the insurance buying process often sets up the perfect storm of comparing coverage, pricing, and service, but it ends up with low-cost winning in the short term and then losing when a claim occurs. How can we help change our understanding of this process so that everyone gets a win? Here are some thoughts.

Agents Should

Be prepared, educate yourself on insurance and risk management. Coming to consultations well-versed in the needs of the other person also assures them that you as the agent will go the extra mile on their behalf.

Listen, ultimately, you’re here to help your customers. If they believe your plan takes precedence over theirs, your business relationship will not last long. You can only meet someone else’s needs if you listen to what those needs are, so always be ready to listen as well as speak.

Try to sell rather than teach, here is what we like to do before we even say the word insurance. We ask questions to understand your needs better. We share our knowledge about your risks, and we help identify the individual risks you face and start the process of putting together a plan to protect you with a combination of insurance, risk transfer, and avoidance techniques.

Our clients routinely tell us that “this is the first time someone took the time to explain this to them. They feel empowered to control and have ownership of their insurance program.

Insurance Buyers Should

Shopping for insurance based solely on price. Comparing insurance policies can be perplexing, but resist the temptation to simply select the policy with the lowest premium. Consider the agent’s qualification, experience, and the company’s reputation, as well as the coverage you’d receive for the premium.

Understand what you are buying, make sure you understand what your insurance policy covers and does not cover.

Not updating your coverage, how long has your family or company had the same insurance policy or policies? You could be making a costly mistake if you simply renew your policy year after year. Consider how much your family or business has changed in the last year.

While the massive national agencies spend millions on television ads and offer barebones policies, they do not know you. When your needs change or your situation complicates, you don’t want an automated phone tree or cold cyber-agent. You want to talk to compassionate, honest insurance experts – that’s our team. You shouldn’t have to spend hours researching and comparing policies. Let the specialists at Reichley guide you through the complex insurance industry.

Call today to alleviate the worry and get covered – (937) 429-0655.

Why Insurance Is Not A Product

No matter how hard television advertisements try to convince you that insurance is a product, it is a service. Some advertisers use animals, actors pretending to know insurance, or wild claim examples to convince you that all you need is a simple internet policy and your problems are solved. They claim that the lower the premium is, the better it is for you.

Low premiums do not equate to the right coverage for you. Do not be fooled by actors trying to convince you that insurance purchased online in ten minutes will respond to a serious accident or injury. These advertisements focus on cost rather than the value of the service purchased. What we should be focusing on is the value of a policy in relationship to a purpose.

The value of a policy in relationship to a purpose

  • Get away from the idea that consumers should primarily focus on the price they are willing to pay for coverage, rather than making sure they have the coverage they need.
  • You cannot cover your risk by arbitrarily choosing an amount you are willing to pay for a policy. You need to make sure that your risk is properly covered.
  • Beware of insurance companies who have brands that claim, “We are the cheapest so we must be the best!”, or “We cover that crazy football party claim (less than .00001% of all claims) so we must cover everything else.”
  • We want our clients to understand the purpose of insurance and the value of the many solutions available.

Insurance Is a Promise of Service

  • Agents should help their clients determine why they are buying insurance.
  • Insurance is designed to protect individuals and businesses from the unexpected. It is important to help clients understand possible implications of actions.
  • Agents need to educate clients on the difference between low cost and value. Office Depot aired an advertisement a few years ago that explains this concept.

Source for some of the information in this article; Timothy P. O’Brien