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Insurance Is About Peace of Mind and Trust

We have been telling readers that we believe insurance is more about trust, relationships, and value than it is about a policy.  A recent article in PropertyCasualty360.com, by Brent Kelly confirms this concept. For many people, buying something tends to be both emotional and financial.  With insurance, some people may buy a brand or base […]

Is Insurance A Noble Profession?

We believe without question that insurance is a noble profession. Our reason for this is that the purpose of insurance is to protect society, businesses, and individuals from financial loss and to help them recover when loss or damage occurs. Google defines “noble” as having, or showing, fine personal qualities or high moral principles and […]

Insurance Myth Busters… All I Need Is Replacement Cost Coverage

Most people think, “If my policy has replacement cost coverage I am ok, right?”  Well, maybe not.  The term “replacement cost” means “the cost to replace the property on the same premises with other property of comparable material and quality used for the same purpose.” A Common Myth “My policy has replacement cost coverage, so […]

Client Education Trends

We have been on a journey for over a year to educate both agents and buyers of insurance about the most effective way to secure insurance and risk management services. It appears our work may be paying off. We are seeing more and more articles related to the buying and selling insurance that include titles […]