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Insurance & Risk Best Practices

What Large Companies Do To Lower Costs That Any Company Can Do As we continue on our journey to a better understanding of insurance, we thought it would be informative to identify some risk management “best practices” of larger companies. We believe that many of these “best practices” can, and should, be discussed with businesses […]

Cost of Risk Part Two

“Total Cost of Risk” is the sum of the costs arising from all classes of risk faced by an organization. Insurance is one component of a risk management strategic plan that protects your assets. There are many benefits to this new approach. Benefits of a total cost of risk approach Making effective risk management decisions. […]

Do You Know Your Cost Of Risk?

This article is a continuation of our series on creating a new way of thinking about insurance. As you consider your business insurance, we invite you to think about this subject in the much larger spectrum of “Total Cost of Risk”. Your insurance program is more the premiums you pay Total Cost of Risk is […]

What a Customer Centered Renewal Looks Like

Our agency is founded and run on the philosophy that client’s needs come first and foremost. We know you hear that a lot, so we wanted to tell you how we carry out our philosophy day to day. This article is the continuation of our series on how to think differently about insurance. Previously, we […]

Communication Is key to Any Relationship

This article is a continuation in our series on how to think differently about insurance. We live in the greatest age of communication. Today there are more ways to connect with each other than any other time in history.  For example, we have access to personal cell phones, email, web pages, videos, social media, traditional […]

Why Relationships Matter

This article is the continuation of our series on how to think differently about insurance. The relationship between you and your agent is the most important part of insurance and risk management process. Your agent’s ability to serve and understand you will impact everything else. People Before Policies Reichley Insurance is in the business to […]

A New Way to Think About Insurance

  Congratulations! You got past the title and are now embarking on a new way to look at the insurance buying process. Over the next few months we would like to offer you an alternative way to think about insurance that will change your purchasing experience. We will start with a few basic truths that […]